Timeshare, Holiday Club and Timeshare Points Mis-selling

Timeshares, Holiday Clubs and Timeshare Points were often mis-sold by a salesperson who promised huge financial growth and large returns on investment; unfortunately, it was more likely your Timeshare, Holiday Club or Points didn't hold their values or yield any returns, in fact, due to out of control maintenance fees your Timeshare, Holiday Club or Points may now be costing you money every year you continue to remain an owner.

Great News

2017 was recorded as one of the best years globally for the Timeshare industry, with over 5,400 resorts and annual sales of over $19.7 billion with over 20 million timeshare owners worldwide.

Unfortunately, with such huge annual sales comes a lot of mis-selling.

Due to a recent court ruling during 2016 many Timeshare owners have been awarded compensation of their full original purchase price and if you think you were in any way mis-sold a Timeshare, Holiday Club or Points you need to simply complete our mis-selling check list today to see if we can try to help you to get your money back.

Mis-selling check list - tick all that apply: